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We're back...

Well, we're back in good ole Indiana. Our Florida vacation was awesome. Hurricane Wilma brought us some rain and high winds on Sunday evening and Monday morning, but other than that, it was a lot of hype.

Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do here at work, so have a great week and give us a blog soon!

Here are a couple of pic's from the trip:

Family Picture

Family Picture

Family Picture

Family Picture


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Vacation Update

Just a little update on our upcoming vacation...

Melissa sent the following email to some family and friends earlier today. I thought I'd share it:

"OK, here's the story. We are leaving for sunny, Siesta Key, Florida today. We will be taking off this afternoon and driving straight through. It is about a 17 hour drive, but driving at night helps with the boys. There's just one little problem, and her name is WILMA. Hello, did someone forget to tell mother nature that the Neumans look forward to this trip all year?

For those of you who don't know where Siesta Key is, it is on the gulf side, about halfway down. It is South of Tampa, near Sarastoa.
Hopefully, Wilma takes a hard turn south, and we miss most of her. As of right now, the weather people are saying she is going to be the stronges hurricane of the season. They are hoping (and us too) that she decreases in strength once she reaches the cooler waters of the gulf.

My in-laws are already there. They flew in on Monday. We will be arriving Thursday around noon. My two brother-in-laws and sister-in-law will be flying in on Friday...........if they don't get stuck in Atlanta.

Brian and I have been known to chase a tornado or two, and now it looks like we might get to see a hurricane up close as well.

So, everyone, watch the news to see where Wilma goes, and say a prayer that we are smart enough to get out of the way if she comes our way.

We will update you on our adventure when we return, hopefully not earlier than Oct. 30th."

Anyway, I'm staying positive and praying we don't have to evacuate as soon as we get there.

Die, Wilma, Die!


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Can't wait!!

Yes, time is drawing near to our annual Florida vacation!! I am SO excited. October is the perfect time to go.......the weather is awesome!! Our boys love going as much as Brian and I do. We look forward to this vacation all year. This year, we will be staying a couple of days longer. I hope this becomes a trend, that every year, we stay a little longer!!
Our beach house has a little backyard with grass in it, which is perfect for the boys to go lizzard catching, and then it backs up to 100 yards of soft, fine, white sand!! We have a screened in back porch which is nice for the boys as well. Brian's mom likes to sit there in the afternoons and read. This place is heaven!!

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Can't wait!!


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Florida Vacation

Well, it's getting close now - less than three weeks and we'll be on the beach basking in the warmth of the Florida sun. We'll be staying at Siesta Key, a gulf-side beach near Sarasota, Florida. My parents started taking us kids there when Andy and I were just babies. Now, Melissa and I have made it our family's annual vacation spot. Check out our family phots (courtesy of Jason Neuman) on our About Me page. Of course, Mom & Dad and "the kids" will be there, too.

If you've never been to Siesta Key, you may want to check it out. It all depends on what you want when it comes to a Florida vacation. Touristy and crowded it is not. There's only a handful of restaurants and no big nightclubs. It's definitely not a party beach. What it does have is wide beaches with powder-fine white sand and clear, clean water. The Travel Channel voted it one of America's Top 10 beaches for 2004. Check it out here. There are a few nice tourist attractions within a 30 minute drive. Our favorites are Jungle Gardens (www.sarasotajunglegardens.com/) and Venice Beach (www.venice-fla.com/capital.htm). Jungle gardens is a small but gorgeous walking park filled with tropical birds and foliage. Venice beach is known as the Shark's Tooth Capitol. Fossilized sharks teeth wash up on this beach by the thousands. It's also a great snorkeling beach - there's a ton of shells and cool crabs crawling around in the 6-10 feet of water just off of the shore.

That's really about it. If you're like me and enjoy relaxing on the beach, building sand castles with the kids, and taking quiet walks on the beach at night, Siesta Key may be for you. If you like to party, you WILL be disappointed. Late October is the perfect time to visit. Last year, we had sunny skies every day for a week. Highs are in the lower 80's and the ocean water is still very warm, probably around 80 or so - I can't wait!


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Hello, everyone.

Hi, all. It's been awhile since I've posted. We've been busy lately. Chase (my 3-year old) and I celebrated birthdays on 9/1. The focus with Chase has been potty training. It isn't going so well - he is VERY stubborn. We're giving him a break and then we'll try again to get him interested in wearing underwear!

Fletcher is doing well with Kindergarten and Mom helps out once a week with his class. We visited some friends in Fort Wayne this past weekend and had a great time - thanks to Carin and Gregg for thier hospitality and good eats!

We'll be vacationing in Florida at the end of October. I hope the hurricanes will exit the scene soon - for our sake as well as the rest of the country who has more than enough to deal with recovering from Katrina. We pray that Rita will fall apart in the gulf...

I look forward to hearing from everyone else - see ya!


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Because of Winn Dixie

Because of Winn Dixie is one of the best "feel good" movies I have ever seen. The plot is pretty simple. A young girl moves to a new town with her dad. She has problems making friends, and finds a stray dog, that she names Winn Dixie. With the help of Winn Dixie, she soon starts to make friends. There is a point in the movie where even Brian's eyes were a little wet. I was totally sobbing........anyway, the ending is perfect, and no the dog does not die!!
I recommend this movie to everyone! I'm putting it on my favorites list!
4 stars for me!!


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The saddest Day

Well, the saddest day of my life has finally happend. Fletcher went off to kindergarten today. I think I was ok with it, until he got on the school bus this morning. Oh my gosh!!!!! He was so excited, not scared or the least bit nervous. It was like he was an old pro and had done this before. Now, I was crying like a baby. I mean, come on, that's my baby getting on that bus. It seems like just yesterday he was a baby. I know he is only five, but the past 5 years have just flown by. I am very sad about this whole thing. Chase was crying too when Fletcher got on the bus, saying, " I want my Fletcher!" I can tell you right now, Chase is NEVER going to school!!!
I am very sad about my boys getting older. I like having them home with me.
I want to run over to the school and peek through the windows to check on him.


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Make Love!: the Bruce Campbell Way

I am not a consistent reader. Most of the time I will read half of a book and then just stop for no apparent reason. Or I will take many breaks in finishing the book. However, with Bruce Campbell's newest book, I broke that slump. I finished this one in about 4 or 5 days worth of reading (in which the second half of the book was read in one day). It is much like his movies, full of cheese and sillyness and full of laughs. It's fictional, however the premise seems as though it's based on his actual life (which I'm not sure it isn't). If you want a quick, light read in between your more serious endeavors, check this one out!

I'm glad Bruce Campbell came to town and I got to meet him, otherwise I probably would not have read this one. Now, I need to go pick up his first book: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Star, before I can say Groovy.


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Hey Brian & Melissa!
Since I just got your message to get blogging, I thought I would. How is your summer going? Too fast for me. We are getting hammered with storms tonight. I am so glad the girls have 1 more year 'till kindergarten. I need it to prepare for a lot of crying like you guys with Fletcher in a few weeks.

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